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What Our Customers Say

Gem Genius was born out of the simple idea that great stores offer great products and fantastic service. We take pride in our dedication to our customers, and are thrilled to present some of our clients’ feedback below.

My experience with gem genius was absolutely perfect. I was going to a big event and I had something very specific in mind. I was working off an old picture but I wanted to make changes, have it at a certain length and make sure it was comfortable to wear. Chaim was extremely attentive and sent me many drawings to make sure it would be perfect. He worked in a tight time frame and delivered it early and u set budget. Not only that they are light and comfortable and magnificent. Nicer than I could’ve possibly imagined. Thank you Chaim and gem genius for all of your hard work and for the incredible results. I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future....

Lea Wolf

I had a picture of a jewelry piece and knew I wanted similar   but I didn't know exactly what, but gem genius did know!!! He designed the most gorgeous jewelry piece for me! He made it like a dream come true!! The quality and workmanship is second to none and his patients   is amazing!!Since I had such fantastic experience I've gone back and now I went back again and totally relied on his designer input, and unbeatable expertise!!

E. Eigner

I'M definitely coming back to GEM GENIUS 
so i was shopping for a diamond necklace ,with very much a different idea and the result was impressive to say the least, everytime i look at this gorgeous masterpiece i just SMILE

Jessie Brown

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